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Active shielding solution

A common example is an Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) Ltd. Ultra-High Voltage transmission line, installed next to a residential or office building where people are continuously present, creating a level of magnetic field that is higher than permitted by the authorized authorities (in Israel - the Ministry of Environmental Protection).

How does the active shielding system work?

The active shielding system consists of an electrical circuit that creates an opposite magnetic field to the one we wish to reduce, thereby ensuring that at the relevant area, magnetic field levels are continuously decreased to the defined target levels.

The system is comprised of one or more electrical loop/s installed on poles that are either perpendicular to the ground, on bars protruding from the structure, and/or partially or fully concealed in the ground, in parallel and adjacent to the alignment of the treated area, normally in the medium between the treated area and the source of the magnetic field.

The test point in the treated area will be defined and installed in such a way that at any given moment the magnetic field is tested and according to the result the strength of the magnetic field produced by the system is adjusted, so that overall the magnetic field levels at the treated area are continuously and optimally reduced to meet target values at all times.

At any given moment, the Client is able to view the measured values and even download and save the data.

עם מיגון אקטיבי.JPG

With active protection

בלי מיגון אקטיבי_edited.jpg

Without active protection

שרטוט עקרוני למערכת מיגון אקטיבית.jpg


Monitoring and Control system

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