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Solution to Stray Current problems

Stray currents are caused when an electrical current flows through a conductor in which there should not have been any current at all (for instance: metal piping, metal ducts, structural rebar, grounding conductors, and more).
Stray currents may occur for many reasons, including double bonding, current flows to grounding conductors/structural rebar, mix between various feeds, etc. In addition to radiation, Stray currents have a number of other unwanted effects, such as danger of electrocution, increased corrosion in the building’s rebar, and more.
In many cases, stray currents are not detected in routine electrical inspections (voltage test, insulation, etc.), only in Non-ionizing radiation tests.
Stray currents may create a magnetic field with the following characteristics:

  • High power-flux density

  • A slow decay rate, meaning that it does not decay even at a long distance

  • Appears in unexpected areas (for instance: where there are no electrical infrastructures)

  • Cannot be reduced using electromagnetic shielding!!!
    The correct way to handle fields caused by Stray currents is to identify the cause of the problem and treat it in order to cancel the Stray currents.

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